Ukrainians are celebrating the Pentecost: main traditions


For Ukrainians, it is a special holiday, which is associated with many traditions.

On the Ukrainian lands Trinity was celebrated since ancient times. Earlier celebration was called Green Sunday or Semik. On this day people gathered for circle dances, dancing.

One of the traditions was decorating of their homes with greenery. It was a symbol of renewal and rebirth. With flowers and green branches of trees faithful go to church. On this day, there are great public worships. Priests dress in green clothing.

Ukrainians make the brooms for bathhouse on the Trinity Day. They believe that it will bring a healing power.

Even if you can’t celebrate a wedding on the Trinity, you can easily make a matrimony and acquaintance with parents. If it is on the Trinity, the marriage will be strong and happy.

Also it is believed that the rain on the Trinity predicts the mushroom year, good harvest and beautiful weather.

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