Stork as a totem bird of the Ukrainian people


Formerly, Ukrainians believed that family affection, well-being and prosperity would always reign in a house where the stork is settled and bridled its nest. Also, it was believed that this bird could bring babies to the house. Ukrainians devoted to storks songs and fairy tales. A big amount of believings are connected with this sacred bird. This is because of respectful attitude towards the bird, which became the winged amulet of the Ukrainian people.

Photo by: Shutterstock

Ukrainians believed that if the stork leaves the nest – the family will be in disaster. And if you destroy his nest, he may even take a revenge. Our ancestors believed that in the spring, these birds don’t come from the warm countries. They come from paradise, and therefore have such sacred properties.

It was believed that the stork has an incredible similarity to man. They also look for a couple, understand the human language, worry about their children, have the same feelings as human. In particular, they may even cry and sigh.

Photo by: Shutterstock

Many years ago, this bird was a symbol of fire and sunlight and a precursor of the spring. Which is why Ukrainians are still waiting for returning this bird from the warm lands.

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