The magical role of wall paintings in Ukrainian life


From the ancient times our ancestors thought that our native home is a particularly magical place, which will always protect from supernatural beings and will give a shelter. However, the hut became a full-fledged home for Ukrainians only when it was decorated with paintings.

Ancestors believed that all troubles which come into a human life are the result of dark forces actions.The main goal was to resist them, and the strongest way to distract themselves from evil was the fire and red color.

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They was painting a red ribbon on the house walls. Such painting on the walls seemed to create a closed circle, which made impossible access to home for supernatural beings.

The wall decorations had a magical, protective role. It is said that the mistress was painting them to wonder evil forces, to draw their attention, and to distract their attention from the people.

Such murals was associated with the life-giving forces of nature, so the main elements of symbols was reproducing an ancient folk knowledge and beliefs of Ukrainians.

The furnace was a particularly totemic place in the life of Ukrainian people, so there was the greatest concentration of paintings.

It was believed from ancient times that the fire is an element of life-formation, which we have to preserve. Beside this in ancient times Ukrainians thought that the guardian of the house – a goblin is living just under the furnace.

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A tree of life, birds, zigzags, plant ornaments was depicting on the furnaces.

On the walls the housewives were painting grape, paradise birds, tree of life with birds and a jugs.

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