“Black eyes like blackthorn, and light-brown braid to the waist …”, or a girlish plait in ukrainian traditions


In everyday life of the Ukrainian girls’ for many centuries is kept the tradition of braiding braids. Often with a braided braid people made a conclusions about the tidyness of a girl. “Ukrainian braid – girlish beauty”, “Girl with a braid like grass with a dew” – underline Ukrainian sayings.

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A long, girlish braid was a symbol of beauty, aesthetics and virginity. Spitting a braid was a true art and have been associated with many ritual ceremonies.

Only a girl could walk with a braid, for women this hairstyle was strictly forbidden. The braid was always cutted during the wedding. Such ritual marked the complete subordination of the girl to her husband. Sometimes the braid was just untwisted without cutting off, and the hair was hidden in сap. The woman was supposed to walk with it all her life. If she didn’t do this, she was accused in infidelity to her husband.

Today in Ukraine was saved only wedding untwisting of braid. This rite is being held after all wedding ceremonies and marks girls’ farewell with a virginity.

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The tradition of braiding braids were different in every corner of Ukraine. On the Left Bank of Ukraine on weekdays the girls twisted two braids, waving by them their head like a wreath. On a Sunday or holidays girls braided their hair in a single braid, wrapping it with colored ribbons. On the Right Bank on weekdays, girls also wrapped their heads like a wreath, and on Sunday or a holy day, two braids were braided around, beautifully hanging along their back. In two braids, the girls were dressed girls from Podillia.
Girls from Galicia made their hair with four braids. Such method of braiding braid was called “Dribushka”.

The girlish beauty was always praised in Ukrainian customs and traditions. And it was not only in a long braid, but also in the inner qualities of Ukrainian women – patience, willpower, loyalty, sincerity and kindness.

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So this proves one thing: Ukrainian women have always been beautiful both externally and internally, and the beauty of Ukrainian woman is not only in braid, but also in soul.

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