Frontline report Day 644: Ukrainian Forces Repel Enemy Advances and Showcase Tactical Mastery in Eastern Operations

Frontline report Day 644: Ukrainian Forces Repel Enemy Advances and Showcase Tactical Mastery in Eastern Operations

In the latest updates from the eastern front, intense military engagements unfolded over the past day, with 84 combat encounters taking place. Ukrainian defenders showcased resilience in the Bakhmut direction, successfully repelling 28 enemy attacks near Bohdanivka, Ivanovsky, Klishchiivka, and Andriivka in the Donetsk region. Simultaneously, the Defense Forces of Ukraine executed assault operations south of Bakhmut, causing losses to the enemy in both manpower and equipment and consolidating their positions at the achieved boundaries.

On November 29, there were many important updates from the front of the clashes between the Ukrainian army and the army of the Russian invaders.

Meanwhile, in the Avdiivka direction, the adversary persisted in attempts to encircle Avdiivka. Ukrainian forces held steadfast in defense, inflicting significant losses on the occupiers. Notably, east of Novobakhmutivka, northeast of Berdychi, Avdiyivka, Opytny, Severny, and south of Tonenko in the Donetsk region, the Defense Forces thwarted 23 enemy attacks, thwarting the offensive actions.

On the Kherson front, Ukrainian soldiers maintained occupied positions on the left bank of the Dnieper, engaging in counter-battery operations and causing fire damage to the enemy’s rear. Concurrently, an ongoing offensive operation unfolded in the Melitopol direction, where the Defense Forces inflicted substantial losses on occupying forces, exerting pressure along the entire front line.

A noteworthy development occurred on the Kherson front, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine utilized the Himars artillery rocket system to target a Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile system. Ukrainian Security Service units tracked the Russian Buk, providing coordinates for a successful attack and showcasing the efficacy of the Himars system. “Buk-M3,” as described by Russian experts, is a ground troops’ medium-range air defense complex with no analogues, as per their assessment.

Turning to the eastern updates, significant developments unfolded on the northern flank of Avdiivka. Russian forces, attempting a new wave of attacks, found their forces overstretched, resulting in multiple position losses along the contact line.

The primary Russian attack targeted Stepove, with Ukrainian drone operators detecting increased concentrations of Russian forces in tree lines. Ukrainians, anticipating the assault, initiated a counteroffensive, employing kamikaze drones to target Russian shelters and positions near destroyed equipment. The extensive trench network at the intersection of tree lines became a focal point for Ukrainian drone strikes, aiming to disrupt Russian preparations.

A second area of concentrated drone strikes focused on the train station, rendering it a challenging position for Russian soldiers due to demolished buildings and limited hiding spaces. As Russians attempted to assault Stepove in small batches, reinforced with armored fighting vehicles, minefields proved detrimental to their progress.

South of Stepove, Russian forces sought to penetrate Ukrainian positions near the chemical plant. Despite combat footage showing an attack on a Bradley vehicle, Ukrainians retained control over their positions behind concrete walls, repelling Russian attempts. An immediate counterattack by Ukrainian forces led to the capture of Russian positions in the tree lines, resulting in casualties and a retreat for the enemy.

In summary, Russian attempts to address previous setbacks and improve tactical positions proved unsuccessful, as Ukrainian forces successfully repelled attacks, causing significant losses to the adversary and maintaining control over key strategic locations.

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