Frontline report Day 642: Ukrainian Defense Forces Repel Attacks, Gain Ground, and Weather the Storm in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Kherson Regions

Frontline report Day 642: Ukrainian Defense Forces Repel Attacks, Gain Ground, and Weather the Storm in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Kherson Regions

In the intense theaters of Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Kherson, this report chronicles the unwavering resilience of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, successfully thwarting enemy assaults, countering attacks, and strategically advancing amidst challenging conditions, setting the stage for crucial developments on the frontline.

On November 27, there were many important updates from the front of the clashes between the Ukrainian army and the army of the Russian invaders – YouTube channel Meanwhile in Ukraine reports

In the Kupyansk sector, the adversary launched assaults near Sinkivka and Ivanivka in the Kharkiv region. Witness the Defense Forces successfully repelling four attacks, showcasing their steadfast defense against persistent threats. Simultaneously, Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut sector achieved success by thwarting 10 enemy attacks near Klishchiyivka and Andriivka in the Donetsk region. The defense forces, undeterred, continued their assault operations, causing substantial losses to the invaders while fortifying strategic positions.

Despite ongoing attempts to encircle Avdiivka, Ukrainian soldiers stood firm, inflicting significant losses on the occupiers. The enemy’s offensive in regions like Stepove, Avdiivka, Pervomayske, and south of Novokalynove faced resounding failure, with Ukrainian defenders successfully repelling a total of 23 attacks. The Kherson sector witnessed Ukrainian troops maintaining positions on the left bank of the Dnipro River, engaging in counter-battery combat, and striking the enemy’s rear. In the Maryinka sector, the Defense Forces repelled nine enemy attacks, showcasing heroics in the face of adversity.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces conducted 11 strikes on enemy concentrations, while missile troops targeted critical areas, including artillery, command centers, and ammunition depots. Meanwhile, in the Donetsk sector, Ukrainian forces counterattacked north of Avdiivka, successfully dislodging Russian troops from multiple positions along the Stepove-Chemical Plant line. Major Russian telegram channels confirmed the effectiveness of Ukrainian counterattacks, forcing Russian soldiers to withdraw from positions on the eastern outskirts of Stepove.

On the southern part of the frontline, Russian forces continued clearing operations near the industrial zone. Ukrainian sources reported expansions of Russian control to the north-east of the industrial zone, raising concerns. In the Zaporizhzhia sector, heavy battles near Novoprokopivka and on the heights west of Robotyne unfolded. Ukrainian forces executed a double attack, with inconclusive results, in the armored assault north-west of Novoprokopivka. However, Ukrainian infantry forces successfully expanded control over heights between Robotyne and Kopani, prompting Russian counterattacks.

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian forces celebrated successes, expanding their bridgehead around Krynky and deploying reinforcements to secure newly gained territories. The primary goal shifted to pushing deeper into the forest, providing better cover, and allowing for strategic entrenchment. Despite weather challenges, Ukrainians exerted indirect control over Russian ground lines of communication. Russian forces faced logistical vulnerabilities and internal dissent, with soldiers expressing frustration over prolonged fighting without rotation.

As Ukrainians advanced deeper into the forest, reports indicated firm control over a significant portion, while the remaining half-kilometer remained a contested area. Ukrainian successes included capturing captives. Weather conditions in the Kherson region deteriorated, limiting reconnaissance capabilities for both parties. Russian sources observed the active movement of Ukrainian forces on the islands but couldn’t identify specifics due to the bad weather. Russian analysts speculated on Ukrainian reinforcement efforts, highlighting the potential for cutting the only paved highway along the river bank, disrupting Russian forces’ north-south connectivity. The evolving situation set the stage for potential further clashes in this critical theater of operations.


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