Frontline report Day 629: Tensions Escalate in East of Ukraine’s Key Fronts

Frontline report Day 629: Tensions Escalate in East of Ukraine's Key Fronts

In the volatile arenas of East of Ukraine, intense clashes unfold as Russian forces strive to breach Ukrainian defenses, encountering fierce resistance and conflicting reports across strategic fronts.

On November 14, there were many important updates from the front of the clashes between the Ukrainian army and the army of the Russian invaders – YouTube channel Military Lab reports.

The fighting was concentrated in these areas:

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On the Donetsk front, Russian forces continue their attempts to break through the Ukrainian defense in Avdiivka.

During the last 24 hours, Russian forces launched several attacks north, south-east, and south-west of Avdiivka but failed to make any visible progress.

North of Avdiivka, the Russian Army tried to advance by using small waves of infantry units to attack Ukrainian positions near Stepove.

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One of the Russian infantry units was spotted by Ukrainian drones moving north-east of Stepove, trying to take positions on the nearby trenches not far from the village.

Seeing the Ukrainian drone, the Russian forces decided to take cover in an abandoned Russian BTR armored personnel carrier, but the Ukrainian drone operators delivered a fatal strike and eliminated almost the entire Russian unit.

Today, some Russian sources, including Rybar, reported that the Russian forces had some success on this part of the sector, forcing the Ukrainian Army out of the settlement of Stepove and contesting the areas north of the Chemical Plant as well as the industrial zone east of the Terrikon.

However, so far, these claims do not correspond to the reality shown by the geolocated footage.

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Today, Ukrainian forces published footage from the chemical plant, confirming that the area is safely under their control and there are no clashes happening inside the Ukrainian stronghold.

On another video published by Russian sources, the industrial zone east of the Terrikon, which according to some Russian sources came under the control of their army, is actually shown getting hit by the Russian artillery, and therefore this footage refutes the Russian claims.

On the southern part of the sector, Russian forces also tried to attack the industrial areas using very limited resources.

Initially, Russian Telegram channels published videos of one of their tanks advancing from the direction of Yasynuvata and solo charging into the industrial areas south-east of Avdiivka.

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According to Russian sources, this video indicated that the area came under the control of their forces, but soon after Ukrainian sources published another version of the story, the Russian tank was seen getting hit by FPV drones, with the crew abandoning the tank.

So, for the moment, there is still no solid evidence or geolocated footage to back the claims made by Russian sources about the advance of their forces in this direction.

On the south-western part of the frontline, the Ukrainian forces stopped another wave of Russian armored assaults towards Sieverne.

Today, Ukrainian sources published a video that shows the massive losses that the Russians have suffered during their attempts to break the Ukrainian defenses in this direction with more than 20 pieces of destroyed Russian equipment, which can be seen in the video.

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In Zaporizhzhia, front battles continue in the Robotyne-Verbove sector.

After the relocation of a part of the Russian forces that were moved to face the Ukrainian threat on the Dnipro front, the Ukrainian forces have now resumed their offensive operations towards Novoprokopivka and Verbove, gaining some ground near the two settlements.

Based on geolocated footage, it is obvious that the Ukrainian forces are quite active north of Novoprokopivka, launching several waves of armored assaults towards the Russian positions.

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The Ukrainian Army managed to reach the first buildings on the north-eastern outskirts of the town and also attacked with armored forces through the tree lines north of Novoprokopivka, but so far there is no evidence of Ukrainian forces establishing a foothold inside the settlement.

However, Ukrainians were successful north-west of Verbove, where, according to the geolocated footage published today by Russian sources, they managed to advance for several hundred meters, taking more ground on the heights north-west of the settlement.

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In Kherson, front battles are ongoing near the village of Krynky across the Dnipro River.

After seeing the dangerous situation that was rapidly developing on this bridgehead, the Russian Command decided to use more resources and try to drive the Ukrainian forces out of the village of Krynky.

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It seems that after a massive wave of airstrikes and artillery shelling, Ukrainian troops were forced to abandon a good part of their positions inside the forest areas south of the settlement.

The Ukrainian Command continued to rotate their forces and brought new reinforcements across the river using speed boats to safely move under the coverage of the dense fog.

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For now, it appears that neither side has the ability to make any significant and decisive advances in this direction, so in the short term, the upcoming battles for control of this
bridgehead will likely result in a stalemate.

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