Russians planting mines at Crimean Titan factory – intelligence

Russian engineering units are mining the workshops of the Crimean Titan enterprise in the temporarily occupied Crimea.


That’s according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, Ukrinform reports.

The explosion at the facility located in the town of Armiansk in the northern part of the Russian-captured peninsula could cause a major man-made disaster, the report reads.

Nearly 200 tonnes of technological ammonia are used at the plant for refrigeration purposes so an explosion could lead to an ammonia cloud being formed, affecting the surrounding areas within half an hour, depending on the wind direction, military intelligence analysts warn.

Among the areas at the highest risk of contamination are Armiansk, Krasnoperekop district in occupied Crimea and southern districts of mainland Kherson region.

The Russians are “preparing for the evacuation of both the occupation administration officials and local population,” military intelligence stresses.

Intelligence operatives add that due to the enemy’s terrorist attack at the Kakhovka HPP, which led to the shallowing of the North Crimean Canal, production processes at the Crimean Titan plant have been disrupted to a critical level.

“The Russians consider it impossible to resume operations even at minimal mode. In occupied Armiansk, rumors are circulating about the probable operation halt at the “Crimean Titan,” the report concludes.

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