Robot Sofia had frozen during the answer to the question of overcoming corruption in Ukraine (video)


The most developed robot in the world Mrs. Sofia had frozen after the question: “What to do with corruption (in Ukraine)” – the script and the processor was broken down.

This information was reported by Alyona Shkrum. The deputy also noted that this news is not a fake.

“Alexey Mushak, who was pleased to be present at this discussion at the Ukrainian House in Davos, can confirm.”

Recall, that Robot Sofia was created by Hanson Robotics from Hong Kong in 2015 year. Sofia is able to keep simple conversations, displaying up to six tenths of different emotions on the face. Firstly, Sofia had only the upper half of the body, but when the robot have got it’s feet, it learned to walk and dance.

As the discussion about the truthfulness of this information has broken out on the Internet, we suggest you to watch a video captured by 1+1 TV company.

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