To remember: 60 impressive photos from the Maidan


Hundreds of thousands people have been standing  on the Maidan during the cold winter 2014, fighting for the independence and freedom of Ukraine. 

All photos of the Ukrainian revolution events are arranged in chronological order.

November 24, the first multi-thousandth rally on the European square. Photo by Andrii Bozhok.

November 24, the first clash by protesters with law enforcement authorities. Photo by Efrem Lukatsky / AP.

The evening on November 29th before the first liquidation of the Maidan. Photo of Piliugin.

The night from 29th to 30th of November, the first liquidation of the Maidan. On the photo is Gleb Garanich, correspondent from Reuters. Photo Reuters.

December 1, protesters in front of the security officers. Photo Reuters / Gleb Garanich.

December 1 assault of the Presidential Administration. Photo REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko.

December 1 assault of the Presidential Administration. Photo Reuters / Gleb Garanich.

The night from 2 to 3 December, ballerina on pointes in the October Palace, captured by protesters. Photo by Maria Volkova.

One of the December days, the protesters are sleeping in the captured Kyiv City State Administration. Shot of video by Andrey Litvinenko.

December 7, Lviv citizen plays for the security officers. Photo by Oleg Matsej.

December 8, “The March of the Millions.” Photo by

December 8, Lenin have been thrown down. Photo by Sergey Chuzavkov / AP.

December 9, covered by snow protester on Maydan. Photo from

December 9, security officers covered by the snow. Photo from

On December 10, security officers have become an ordinary phenomenon
on the streets. Photo by Mikhail Petyaha.

The evening of December 10, before the attempt to clear the Maidan. Photo by Sergei Supinsky / AFP / Getty Images.

The night from 10 to 11 December, during the assault. Photo by Nigina Beroyeva,

December 12, a little kindness. Photos from the community page, Facebook

December 15, during the concert of the group “Ocean Elzy”. Photo from

New Year’s Eve on the Maidan, about half a million Ukrainians are singing the National anthem. Photo TSN.

January 6th, Sergei Nigayan on the barricades, on January 22th he will die. Photo from

January 9th, a symbol on the barricades. Photo from

On January 19, the second wave of confrontation, protesters are destroying the militia buses on Hrushevsky Street. Reuters photo

On January 19, Klitschko was poured from a extinguisher. Photo from

January 19, collision near the “Dynamo” stadium. Photo dendidenko.

On January 20, the security officersgo to the attack. Photo from

January 20, protesters have built a catapult. Photo by VASILY MAXIMOV / AFP.

January 20, near the “Dynamo” stadium. Photo dendidenko.

January 20, burned buses in ash with frozen foam from the fire extinguisher.
Photo by Ilya Varlamova,

January 20, a patriot in a burned bus. Photo by

January 20, the fire beyond the barricades. Photo by

January 21, an elderly woman near the security officers. Photo from

On January 21, the protester and the security officers’ border. Photo Reuters,

On January 22, law enforcement agencies and a protestor. Photo from

January 22, the priest calls for a truce. Photo by Segei Supinski / Getty Images.

January 22, continuation of the confrontation on Hrushevsky street. Photo from

On January 22, the “Berkut” fighters are taking photo neat the burnt bus on Hrushevsky street. Photo from

January 22, protester at the monument to the founders of Kiev. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images.

Night from 22 to 23 January, fireworks and grenades. Photo by Ilya Varlamova,

The night of January 22 to 23, Hrushevsky street is ablase. Photo by Ilya Varlamov.

January 24, priests in front of the border of VV and Berkut. Photo from

January 24, road signs instead of shields on the protesters. Photo from

January 24, protesters in front of the burning tires. Photo by Ilya Varlamova,

January 24, a child on Hrushevsky street. Photo Reuters.

January 25, protestor with a Molotov cocktail. Photo Reuters.

February 18th, the soldiers of Berkut. Photo by

February 18, rainbow through the barricades. Photo

February 18, the father and son who were injured in the battles, both – the teachers of the KPI. Photo from

February 19, the smoldering Trade Unions Building. Photo from

February 20, the bodies of the dead on the Independence Square. Photo Reuters.

February 20, blood soaked Ukrainian flag. Photo by Jerome Sessini.

February 20, near by a shotgun activist. Photo by Jerome Sessini.

February 20, Olesya Zhukovska, a volunteer medical doctor, whose neck was shoot up by a sniper. Photo Reuters.

February 20, on the background of the ruined city center. Photo by Maxim Lukov,

February 20, epicenter of shooting. Photo Reuters / Stringer

February 20, the protestor on Maidan. Photo by VASILY FEDOSENKO

February 20, lobby in “Ukraine” hotel. Photo Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili

February 20, the main square of the country. Photo AP Photo | Efrem Lukatsky

On February 23, the Kyiv citizens honoring the memory of the dead. Photo by Victor Gurniak, Insider

February 23, the flowers to the Nebesna Sotnya. Photo by Victor Gurniak, Insider

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