Nazariy Yaremchuk left too soon, but did so much … (video)

Назарій Яремчук

Nazariy Yaremchuk had lived incomplete 44 years (November 30, 1951 – June 30, 1995), but had became a legend of the national Ukrainian stage.

His songs conquered all over the world – “Chervona ruta”, “Vodgoraj”, “Smerekova hata”, “Stozhari”, “Gaj, zelenij gaj”, “Rodina”, “Ja pіdu v dalekі gori”, “Pіsnja bude pomіzh nas”, “Pisanka”, “Ja divljus’ na vas, mamo

In one of his latest interviews, Yaremchuk said: “Each of us must constantly be in flight – through fate, over the vanity. And, however, do not break away from the earth. Remember the things – why do you live, where do you came from, what do you want to say to people, from which well do you drink water. I came out of that age when you are paying attention to trivia – autographs, popularity. I’m worried about another: what will be with our song garden tomorrow? ”

We suggest you to listen the most popular hits of the singer:

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