Destruction of houses in flooded Hola Prystan catastrophic, bodies remain under rubble

The destruction of houses in the flooded parts of the temporarily occupied Hola Prystan in the Kherson region is catastrophic, and the bodies of the dead remain under the rubble.
This was reported by the Hola Prystan City Military Administration on Telegram, according to Ukrinform.

“The water level is gradually decreasing. The eastern, central and coastal parts of the city of Hola Prystan remain partially flooded… The destruction of houses in the flooded parts of the city is catastrophic. The bodies of the dead remain under the rubble,” the statement said.

It is noted that in the eastern district of the city, power supply has been partially restored. Sewerage systems in the central and eastern parts of the city are flooded, gas and electricity supply is absent in most of the city.

Local residents near the multi-storey buildings cook food on bonfires in their yards.

In the village of Kardashynka, the water is gradually descending toward the quarry (estuary), which is about 300 meters away.

In Kardashynka and in Kokhany, there are extensive internal damages in the buildings. As emphasized, clay-based houses have clay leaching. Furniture and household appliances from the houses were carried away by water into the yard. On some streets, houses were completely destroyed. The approximate number of destroyed houses in these settlements cannot be determined at this time.

The dead animals are being removed, but only in areas where access is possible.

As reported by Ukrinform, at night on June 6, the Russian army blew up the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant, causing flooding of parts of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions and at the same time critical shallowing of the Kakhovka reservoir.

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